29 May 2021

Article, MinneTESOL Journal, (2021), Vol. 37(Issue 1)

Making language visible in content area classrooms using the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework

The resources in the WIDA Standards Framework can be used by content area teachers to attend to the discipline-specific ways language works in their content area. Keywords: WIDA standards, systemic functional linguistics, multilingual learners, content area teaching WIDA Standards Framework…
24 May 2021

MinneTESOL Journal, (2021), Vol. 37(Issue 1), Peer-Reviewed Article

Helping second language students succeed with academic sources: Advice for faculty across the disciplines

Second language (L2) students often face linguistic barriers and cultural differences that make reading and writing from academic sources challenging. These students would benefit from instruction across the curriculum in using peer-reviewed sources. The aim of this article is to strengthen university-wide…
22 May 2021

MinneTESOL Journal, (2021), Vol. 37(Issue 1), Peer-Reviewed Article

L2 writing material: How to cultivate compare and contrast genre skills using a narrative essay

The following teaching artifact aims to guide second language writing teachers to help their college-level multilingual writers understand the compare and contrast genre via a narrative essay. The teaching artifact provides step-by-step scaffoldings and opportunities for multilingual students to establish personal connections…