Michelle Benegas & Suzanne Gilchrist McCurdy

Welcome to MinneTESOL Journal volume 38, issue 1! We are happy to share a collection of articles that highlight the ingenuity of English language practitioner-scholars from a variety of contexts.

Jeanne Beck and Sebnem Kurt describe a teacher’s journey of creating and implementing a new unit for a middle school English learner and technology curriculum in “Project-Based Language Learning with 3D Printers: Integrating Technology, Language Form/Function, and Assessment into a Middle School CAD Unit.” Beck and Kurt share their perspectives and takeaways from the project as well as easily accessible materials for implementing such a project in readers’ own classroom.

In another report straight from the classroom, Ami Christensen and Kaishan Kong share an innovative project borne from COVID restrictions at their university in “Flipgrid Classroom Conversations: International Virtual Pen Pal Exchange.” The authors detail their process and their learners’ experiences using Flipgrid as a tool to gain and share cultural knowledge and experiences while engaging in authentic language tasks.

Crossing boundaries in “Does Translanguaging Work in Adult ESL?” Alayna Klco argues that pedagogical translation, a translanguaging approach developed for K-12 classrooms, can be adapted for use in adult education. Klco delineates pedagogical translation and the work of Project TRANSLATE and describes modifications that may be used in the adult education context.

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Michelle Benegas, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of TESOL at Hamline University’s School of Education and Leadership. Benegas is the principal investigator of the ELM (English Learners in the Mainstream) Project, a U.S. Department of Education funded initiative that seeks to ensure that all teachers are prepared to meet the needs of multilingual learners. In 2020, she published Teacher Leadership for School-Wide English Learning (co-authored with Amy O'Connor Stolpestad) with TESOL Press. Her research interests include ESL teacher leadership, MLL policy, and systemic approaches to improving MLL services.

Suzanne Gilchrist McCurdy is a Ph.D. candidate in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, College of Education, at the University of Minnesota and an ESL teacher educator. Her research interests include ESL teacher education for pronunciation instruction, language teacher cognition, and low-level adult immigrant and refugee ESL learners.