21 May 2015

MinneTESOL Journal, (2015), Vol. 31(Issue 1)

Promoting Resilience in Diverse Classrooms: The Answers Are Not in the Back of the Book

This article discusses an approach to supporting resilience in urban students, particularly Somali, Latino, and Hmong youth, through a professional development experience called Project TRUST (Training for Resiliency in Urban Students & Teachers). “He really connects to the students from experience and from…
1 May 2015

MinneTESOL Journal, (2015), Vol. 31(Issue 1)

Conversing to Fortify Literacy, Language, and Learning

In this invited piece the authors describe strategies for incorporating “classroom conversation” to prepare learners the communication rigors of college and beyond. The article describes necessary conditions for effective classroom conversations and provides strategies to support them in the classroom. This article was previously published…