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Published two times per year, the MinneTESOL Journal will include invited manuscripts, manuscripts submitted for peer review, and manuscripts reviewed by the MinneTESOL Journal Editorial Board. MinneTESOL Journal is a practitioner-oriented academic journal available in an interactive, online format

Mission Statement

MinneTESOL Journal is the official journal of Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MinneTESOL), a professional association of teachers of English language in Minnesota and neighboring states dedicated to the education and support of students acquiring English at all levels of public and private education.

Submissions Guidelines

  • Manuscripts must be relevant, well-written, thought-provoking, and of interest to our MinneTESOL readers.
  • Written in an accessible and conversational style.
  • Sources must be referenced
  • Accompanying graphics, media, and links are encourgaed

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One from the vault

One article, plucked at random, from over 40 years of the MinneTESOL Journal.

Framing the Issue 32-1
Once more, we are excited to bring you a free, open access, online journal that strikes the balance of rigorous…