Mission Statement

Figure 1.4. Students pause for a photo between taking notes and sampling products.

Approved by the MinneTESOL Executive Board September 2014

MinneTESOL Journal is the official journal of Minnesota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MinneTESOL), a professional association of teachers of English language in Minnesota and neighboring states dedicated to the education and support of students acquiring English at all levels of public and private education. The mission of the MinneTESOL Journal is to provide a meaningful benefit to members by sharing relevant, thought-provoking content linking theory and practice of interest to teachers, researchers, teacher educators, and the many others whose work touches the lives of English learners.

MinneTESOL Journal is a practitioner-oriented academic journal available in an interactive, online format with content designed to engage readers in discussions about topics related to all English language teaching and research contexts in the region, ranging from Pre-K through 12, adult, college, and migrant education. When connected to Minnesota or deemed of interest to MinneTESOL members, the MinneTESOL Journal will also include content from English as a Foreign Language contexts. Published two times per year, the MinneTESOL Journal will include invited manuscripts, manuscripts submitted for peer review, and manuscripts reviewed by the MinneTESOL Journal Editorial Board.

For more information about becoming a contributor to the MinneTESOL Journal, see Writing for the MinneTESOL Journal.