Framing the Issue 30-2

Like our spring issue, articles published in the fall issue of the new MinneTESOL Journal may be invited or submitted, and all take advantage of the online format by allowing for more images, hyperlinks, and the chance to share and comment.  But unlike the spring thematic issue, the fall issue features articles on a variety of topics and all manuscripts are subject to peer review before publication.  Members were clear about the importance of providing a publication place for high-quality work that maintained the rigor expected of an academic journal and we have listened by ensuring that space is available in each fall issue.
Our Fall 2014 issue features an invited article from Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria Dove, two authors well-known to Minnesotans.  Honigsfeld and Dove are passionate voices for the power of collaboration and co-teaching, and this article shares a coaching tool called I-TELL (Integrated Teaching for ELLs Observation Tool).  Readers are sure to find value in what the authors bring to us in this article.

Our peer-reviewed manuscripts reflect the wide range of interests and expertise of MinneTESOL members.  Articles in this issue share insights on helping ESL teachers work with their mainstream colleagues to infuse academic language into K-12 curricula, the value of using professional learning communities as vehicles to assist teachers to understand and implement a culturally relevant pedagogy, building digital resilience by integrating Open Educational Resources into adult ELL classrooms, and a look at the dismantling of the public school system in Qatar and the implications for all schools of moving to a privatized, for-profit model.

As always, our work couldn’t happen without the support of members who submit manuscripts, who volunteer to serve on the Editorial Board, and who help us by reviewing manuscripts.  A special thanks to the MinneTESOL Board for their support as the work of remaking the MinneTESOL Journal continues to evolve.  Thanks to Kate Clements as our Journal technical editor.  Please take the time to read, comment and share the articles in the Fall 2014 MinneTESOL Journal.

Kim Johnson and Anne Dahlman
MinneTESOL Journal Senior Co-editors

Anne Dahlman
Dr. Anne Dahlman is a past President of MinneTESOL and…