Framing the Issue 39-1

We are thrilled to present to you the latest issue of the MinneTESOL Journal, volume 39 issue 1, which we believe has something for everyone. 

Alison Allen and Andrea Velikov present their research on the outcomes of embedding a strengths-based coaching model into a TESOL-certification program for in-service content area teachers in “Shifting practice: Effects of a practicum coaching model on teachers’ pedagogy and student outcomes.” Findings indicate that when secondary content area teachers work with a coach, they experience a shift in practice and mindset around working with multilingual learners. 

Teacher-researcher team Alayna Klco, Kelly Grucelski, Danielle Joo, and Sam David share findings from their research in “Leveraging students’ home languages through translation: Teacher’s adaptations for sheltered content instruction.” This study examined how teachers can engage students in effective literacy practices across all subject areas by using pedagogical translation to incorporate translanguaging pedagogy. 

John Madden and Choonkyong Kim present an analysis of the results of a MinneTESOL member questionnaire in their article, “Distance learning hindered students’ English acquisition, teachers reported.” The findings show that participating teachers noticed a downturn in students’ acquisition of both social and academic English. The authors share recommendations for supporting students within a distance learning environment.

In “Bundle and save: An overlooked factor in the relationship between vocabulary size and listening comprehension,” Justin Petersen considers how listening instruction emphasizing multiword units and lexical bundles can maximize learners’ fluency. 

Angela DeFalco argues that current monolingual assessment practices are inherently inequitable for emergent bilingual students and offers ways to support learners by incorporating translanguaging in the classroom in “Translanguaging as a tool for equity in classroom assessment.”

And, in Hetal Ascher’s book review, entitled “A review of a collection of children’s literature: Absent narratives,” she showcases a series of multicultural texts written by local Minnesota authors and community organizations that were successfully used in a middle school context.

Finally, MinneTESOL Journal would like to express our sincere gratitude to Senior Editor Michelle Benegas as her term at the Journal comes to an end. Her years of service and outstanding work are deeply appreciated. As we say goodbye to Michelle, we welcome Holly Krech Thomas to the team! Thank you Holly for agreeing to bring your vast expertise to the table. 

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